Research Division on Supercomputing Systems


Hello world! Xavier

Hello there, I’m Aoyagi, a 4th-year undergraduate (B4) student.
As a part of ‘skill map’ training for new B4 students, each person gets one jetson Xavier.

Xavier, Xavier, Xavier♪♪
Have you ever heard Xavier before♪♪
That’s the same spelling as that Xavier♪♪
What a surprise, Xavier♪♪

Although this Xavier, the Nvidia’s missionary, has the almost same size as Rasberry pi, it has a GPU inside.
Xavier is definitely much powerful than its appearance.
After installing the OS, we tried to let it learn the MNIST dataset.
Xavier says, ‘No sweat!’ And his fan was not even rotated.

Okay there. It seems like we have to write some tough programs to make it sweats!